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We feel it is a good time to buy property in Thailand. Banks are lending & prices are now dropping due to the insecurity of the present economic situation-apart from oil. LAND AREAS: 1 rai = 4 ngarn = 400 wah2 = 1600 m2; 1 talang wah = wah2 = 4 m2; 1 acre = 2.53 rai & 1 ha = 6.25 rai 



Wanting to purchase a Commercial property in Thailand then we can help you. We have at the moment Hotels & entertainment complexes in BANGKOK & ChiangMai  selling on behalf of their owner. Please refer to the buying section guide if you are not sure about your rights and how to purchase. We are privileged to be able to work for you whether you are buying or selling. We are a foreign/Thai owned company.




We work for you (Both Thai & foreign consultants )


No hidden charges-everything is upfront


Guaranteed conveyancy help & if Company setup for foreigners


We will sell your Commercial property, houses, businesses, bars and Guest Houses


Because you have the benefit of foreign help with our Thai lawyers and expat consultants



 2008:  Buying into a Business in Thailand: If you want to work in Thailand then you need a work permit. This means you need a Thai company. To set up you need to show 2m baht for share capital and have enough money for your business setup and 4 Thai employees ---- not nominees; wages, tax including VAT, Office, social welfare and withholding tax etc. Be aware this will cost around 2.5-3m baht the first year of business so buying into a new or existent business expecting a work permit take this into consideration on the asking price. Being a partner in a business with work permit will cost min 3m baht if there is goodwill in the business and the books are sound. For each work permit you must have 4 Thai employees on your books!



  2008: Shipping & freight in Pattaya for sale with great website, townhouse, computers, company setup and pickup Isuzu. No competition and working now with excellent website and can only but expand. Owner selling as heading back to his country and has shipping in Bangkok. Will teach new owner and you have company setup and ready to go office and paid up rent for 6 months witrh 2 storey townhouse in the middle of Pattaya. No furniture or PCs needed and the best opportunity to expand in a business that has no competition.  

Ideal for foreigner interested in starting a new freight biz venture with some knowledge of the freight forwarding and shipping business but we will teach any new incoming foreigner who wants to join & have his own biz. Can branch out into many fields as well so not just solely shipping. Benefits include Company umbrella, work permit and visa assured & must be able to show incoming 2.7m baht. to join. This covers everything for you to start. APPLICANTS MUST BE IN THAILAND TO RECEIVE FURTHER INFO FROM US    Refer Pattaya Freight Biz1   email



LAND FOR SALE TO BUILD SMALL RESTAURANT FREEHOLD  CHIANGMAI   in Thapae road 368 sq wah excellent development for sale with offers but we will have more information for you next week. Newly listed by us. Has a 12m frontage and is deep section right on the busy Thapae road and situated near a Bank but land in this area is prime real estate the best there is in Chiangmai. It is in the golden mile hub of shopping in Chiangmai Hard to get we will have information on building codes for the incoming buyer and by laws for building single or multi storey but again this land will only but increase for the incoming buyer and a total sound investment. There are no other parcels of land for sale in this Road which is the main road off the Nakhon Ping River bridge with perhaps the largest flow of traffic in Chiangmai. LAND HERE IS HARD TO BUY --it never changes hands and is priced at offers over 49m baht. This is a one in a life time opportunity and total sound investment.  Only serious buyers need apply. No brokers please.   Refer RIver 2     TEL 081-9527812 OR EMAIL US


INVESTMENT IN THE HEART OF BANGKOK CBD - SATHORN ROAD A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO ACQUIRE AN ASSET IN THIS LOCATION. AN ASSET LIKE THIS DOES NOT COME ON THE MARKET VERY OFTEN THIS IS AN INVESTMENT WHICH WORKS FOR YOU THE INVESTOR FROM DAY "1" This is a No1 luxury apartment complex in the business district Sathorn area. All of the units are fully-fitted and furbished to a very high standard. Inspect now. Yield of 14% p.a.( Ref: Sathorn B-500)

SALE Baht 185 million 

 CHIANGMAI LAW WEBSITE:   TOP NAME EXCELLENT HITS LAWYER RETIRING: is a law related website that has been in profit mode since its start some 7 years ago. The present lawyer names cannot be used unless one negotiates with them but it is an excellent dot com name nothing beats it and it is a great start to any foreigner whose an ex lawyer with a head start in the law business in Chiangmai or anywhere in Thailand but can be based anywhere in Thailand. It is also ideal for any foreigner wanting to start into their own business. Its not a bar; its not a dumb deal --its an opportunity to have a business that only makes money and is internet based. Excellent hits, excellent name and a one in a life time purchase buy. Can assist the setup of a new company in the sale; templates, 1 year free hosting, complete domain name in your name. This is where you work with lawyers of your own choosing or with the present ones --vet the incoming clients requests and reap the benefit of a % of the costs to what you want. This is an above board business websit with the best name in the business. Remember we are selling 2 of the best web names in Chiangmai. If interested write in confidence with background resume & interest. Working with Thai lawyers of ones choice this website has an excellent name ---in fact a top saleable name in the dot com world and is priced for sale @ 5m baht. Will consider Bangkok Condo as part or full payment in Sukhumvit / Pratunam area. Refer LAWDOTCOM1

Are you looking to create a business in Bangkok & Pattaya then we are looking for a partnership with someone who knows the shipping business; packing, documentation and can freight forward. Would suit either a Thai who wants to have a branch in Pratunam Bangkok or who already has a setup & wants to start exporting freight or expat wishing to start his own business in either Pattaya or Bangkok. Run your own packing, fumigation, steam cleaning business and guaranteed profits from day 1. Yes we have excellent listings on the net and ar already established. We have the client base but need someone who has shophouse and can coordinate Bill of Ladings to packing etc for foreign customers. This is ideal for an expat wishing to start his / her own business setup in Bangkok in shipping and you will liase with us but run the business. Work permit and visa isued to a foreigner. Your input is costs 2.5m baht. ideal great business in the shipping world. Will include liasing with Chiangmai and inter freight and more. work permit issued and you be the boss. Its that easy.   Refer: Shipping B- 1 

REAL ESTATE WITH ULTIMATE EXCELLENT NAME WEBSITE: yet another great dot com name for sale in Thailand. Owner wishes to retire. Comes complete with staff with already setup database. You get a head start as this business is established and you have a domain name dor com. ---the best name in Chiangmai thats class and free hosting service for the year. Ideal for a property developer to have another great name in Chiangmai and have a head start in the promoting of ones business. Can assist with Company for a foreigner. Free 1 year IT service, free banners, free adsense google already & IT help. Remember this name there is only one and is a saleable name in Chiangmai and worth more than we are asking. This business is for sale for 2.5 M BAHT for website & Business only or for full assistance, database listings and staff setup 3.5m baht. Refer RealtyDOTCOM1
Remember you have 2 of the best Chiangmai business names in the business world and for a foreigner wanting his own business you cannot go wrong as the domain names are now only appreciating and you cannot any better name anymore. In fact we have been told from the USA domain names that both of these website URL names are collectors items now.  The website name will only be given out by serious inquiries only --- if interested write in confidence with background resume & interest. We also place your banners on all our pages on Asia Trading Post including front portal for 5 years and you make money from GOOGLE adsense the moment you buy.
Check this website for all law & accounting and expats services including Call Center info and
English speaking lawyers with 24 hour help line
SPECIAL 2008 : For Thailand --- Burma --- Cambodia --- Vietnam  ----- China  registered companies only. We are offering you 5 pages of text and photos of your products for year 1. Free changes and updates any time. We guarantee you hits or your money back and monitor your hits. Cost 9000 baht deposit & then 9000 baht when you are happy and ready to go ( thats only 1500 baht a month) or our special one time payment of 15,000 baht per year. Pay after your website is up and running 1 month or when you get your first guaranteed hit. We monitor it and once you get hits all mail goes direct to you. Email:

  CONDO / APARTMENT BUILDING GUESTHOUSE / APARTMENTS in CHIANGRAI nice location and close to everything from a hard to come by lift, 5 storey, car parking for 20 cars, security and assorted rooms with shops, laundry etc. Ideal for a foreign investor as the land area is within the 1 Rai limitations to buy outright in ones name.  Interested parties please email us. Just listed this golden opportunity will only last once in a lifetime.All your worries are over in this excellent investment in Thailand. Refer Chiangrai 1[ Go see }

We are only an email away. Play safe: don't be caught out by the tenant saying he owns the building. We can safeguard your investment for a fraction of the cost.

LET US SELL YOUR BUSINESS FOR YOU. NO SALE NO FEE. If you allow us exclusive sole agency for 6 months we will give you full page coverage on hardcopy and sell or get your buyer for you.Buying a business: let us handle your lease & contracts. 


Sit back, relax and enjoy the privileges of 1 year visa etc  Foreign /Thai consortium looking for interested parties to build NEW condominium complex in Chiangmai for foreigners. High class condo complex with swimming pool, gym, shops and restaurant envisaged. Interested parties will have company shares, profit sharing and also enjoy luxury living plus yearly profits on the rentals and leases. Money by back if wanted with profits allocated. This is an amazing opportunity for foreigners and couples to enjoy max profits yet be able to live in Thailand & come and go at will. Up front business plan. Visas will be provided and ability to retire with resident visa. Interested parties please write to us. We have own builders, infrastructure, architects & team. Overseen by experienced foreigner. Min investment 10m baht &  allocated budget $US2m. The more one invests the less partners & more profit. TOTALLY SAFE INVESTMENT; TOTALLY SOUND;   TOTAL LUXURY.

Refer Condo investment 1







A restaurant in Royal City Avenue (RCA) Entertainment complex, seating up to 60 pax, selling Thai, Japanese, European A-la-carte menu, opens from 11 am 10 p.m. The business is up for sale, price includes all furniture and equipments which are still fairly new. The restaurant has regular customers for lunch and dinner. Rent is Baht 21,000 per month renewable every 3 years.

Sale: Baht 1,300,000 (o.n.o.)


We want your business. If you have anything to sell then write to us as we have buyers looking for Businesses in Thailand. If you want to buy a business then ask us. We will find what you want including support with legal matters. WANTING TO BUY ANY BUSINESS & NEED A WORK PERMIT, VISA & COMPANY THEN USE THE SERVICES OF OUR OWN LAWYER 

Check out anything about Thailand on Asia Trading Post: from Business to Visas to Companies or just General. Free help.


Check out anything about Thailand on Asia Trading Post: from Business to Visas to Companies or just General. Free help. Click on:


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